How to Choose a Camp Stove

Stoves-There are basically two types of stoves, those that use liquid gas and those that use pressurized gas.

Liquid Gas Stoves-This type of stove has one or two burners. The single burner stove is compact, light and serves well for backpacking. Two burner stoves are best for camping near the car because they offer the opportunity to cook more than one thing at a time and they weigh more so they are not good companions on the trail. Depending on the model, these stoves might burn white gas or camp fuel, kerosene, auto gas or aviation fuel. This flexibility in the type of fuel that can be burned makes these types of stoves popular for people that travel to different parts of the world.

Pressurized Gas Stoves-These stoves generally come in one or two burner models. The single burner model uses a can of pressurized gas that is available in backpacking stores. This stove is very popular with people who don’t want to carry much weight when backpacking. The two burner stove runs on a can of pressurized propane. There are models that use throw away canisters and others use the canisters that attach to a gas grill that you would use at home. A big bonus when using a pressurized gas stove is that you do not have to preheat the stove which makes them very easy to use. The stove operates much like a stove at home.

An important point! I recommend a stove that has two burners for car camping because you can cook two things at the same time. With an extra burner it is faster to cook a meal for a hungry family or group.


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